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Westwind Morgans, located in Montana, breeds foundation ranching bloodline Morgan horses. The old ranchers bred horses with good bone, depth of body, and disposition. Westwind Morgan horses represent the best of the old ranching lines of the early West. Our foundation stock goes back to many of the historic Morgan stock horses from early ranches of Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and the Southwest.

Westwind Morgans is breeding what has come to be known as the Western Working Morgan Horse. Our breeding is a proven nick of bloodlines, with sires going back to the Warner Angus Ranch of Dodge City, Kansas and broodmares from the Sweet�s family in Jewell County Kansas.


Bryan Blatt on Westwind Hawken


The cross produces foals that are of a consistent type and size. We produce a limited number of foals each year that represent the best of first purebred stock horse of the late 1800�s from throughout the West. Westwind Morgans is carrying on the tradition of the old type ranch bred Morgan horse.

WAR Justin was our foundation stallion from the historic Warner family of the Warner Angus Ranch, were bred to work cows. �Blackie�, as he was known, put bone, disposition, stamina, and cow into his get, horses that can work all day and come back for more.

The Warner horses left before sunrise and worked an honest day and returned late into the night. This is a ranch that has proven its breeding over the decades.

WAR Justin at age 27

We strive to carry on the tradition of the working cow horse which the Warner Angus Ranch has produced for several generations and is carried on by the family to this day. WAR Justin produced mostly black, bay or brown get. He sired many excellent stock, trail, saddle, and sport horses. When crossed on our Sweet�s bred mares the result is typically a 15.0 hand horse with a good mind, bone, depth of body and true Morgan confirmation and an incredible trot which has allowed many of Blackie�s get to excel in many disciplines.

The Sweet�s mares owned by Westwind Morgans were bred on another Kansas working ranch owned by Harry and Mabel Sweet. Looking for cow sense, good minds, bone, ability and depth of body, the Sweet�s bred horses are a great cross when bred to our foundation stallion. These longtime breeders selected their broodmares for their speed, agility, and ability to do ranch work.

Yet another famous western ranching family, The Mosher Brothers of Utah, bred one the best all around cow horses ever in the Morgan breed. Classy Boy competed against the best Quarter Horses of the day and could beat 'em all. Classy Boy figures prominently in all of the Sweet�s mares sire line.

If you are looking for a Morgan horse that goes back to the original stock horse of the West you have come to the right place. Our bloodlines produce horses that can do it all, from working stock and cuttin� cows, driving, sport horses and good old family horses that make wonderful trail horses. These bloodlines have competed on a national level in carriage driving and some of the most prestigious events in the sport. Westwind Morgans bloodlines produce athletic horses which can compete at all levels in a variety of disciplines.


Amos Mosher on Classy Boy

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